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Handicrafts: Handicrafts includes wood carving, spinning wool, leather tanning, pottery and bamboo crafts. Wool products (blankets and clothing), are the most abundant and it is a common sight in the hills to see men spinning wool by hand as thewatch over their flocks or as they are walking along. Good quality shawls made from the fine hair pashmina goats, particularly in kullu, are highly sought after. Fleecy soft blankets called gudmas, heavier namdas (rugs) and rich pile carpets in Tibetan designs are also produced.
Chappals (leather sandals) are made in chamba and Chamba rumals ('handkerchiefs'), small finally embroidered cloth squares imitating the famous miniature paintings of the region. Now Buddhist thangkas, silverware and chunky tribal silver jewellery are popular with tourists and are sold in bazars.

Himachal Pradesh was granted full statehood in 1970. There are 68 seats in the State Assembly, but as one of India's smallest states Himachal pradesh elects four members of the Lok Sabha and three representatives to the Rajya Sabha. Since 1966 Shimla has been the state capital. Dharamshala has been the home of the Dalai Lama since 1959, following the Chinese takeover of Tibet.


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